Product Maintenance

BatteryLoop’s energy storage systems are safe and reliable units integrated in heavy-duty containers. Correct maintenance makes them perform at the highest level.

Safe and reliable maintenance

Batteryloop maintenance system consists of five different areas.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance varies depending on the product and complexity of the system. It is performed by BatteryLoop or, if preferred, by the customer’s organization, normally based on a checklist supplied by BatteryLoop. 

Yearly maintenance service

All Batteryloop systems have a scheduled yearly Maintenance service where all the products’ systems are checked and maintained according to our checklist. A service report from the yearly maintenance service summarizes the mechanical status of the system. It can be complemented with an annual system report of the performance.

Emergency issues

Batteryloop has a 24/7 support number for our customers, and we can send out a guard within 30 minutes to check or secure the unit.

System supervision

The system is fully connected and can be supervised directly by our engineers in case of any alarms. The system also has built-in protection features to shut down or partially shut down if necessary. 


Any non-urgent questions related to our units’ maintenance can be addressed directly to, and our personnel will handle these questions.