To ensure our systems and services’ quality and delivery, BatteryLoop works in partnerships with selected suppliers.

BatteryLoop has its roots in Stena Recycling, a recycling and reuse leader present all over Northern Europe. We have a tight and firm partnership, ensuring market-leading circular solutions for end-of-life products.

Once a battery or other asset has reached its end of life, it is taken care of by Stena Recycling for further processing. The goal is always to recycle the material resources to the highest possible rate and circulate them back into new products.

Thanks to the partnership, BatteryLoop can handle large-scale challenges, such as recalls of a whole series of batteries, where there is a need for reuse and recycling options.

Volvo Buses

BatteryLoop and Volvo Buses has an agreement covering batteries from Volvo’s electric buses. It covers all the batteries for which Volvo Buses is responsible in its electric buses the world over. After the batteries are removed from Volvo’s buses, they are reused as energy storage units for several years, in different parts of society.

This solution means that the bus batteries’ commercial service lives are significantly extended, and natural resources are conserved. Today most electric buses are to be found in Europe, but the number of electrified buses is expected to increase in other parts of the world within the near future.

In addition to reuse, BatteryLoop guarantees safe and environmentally suitable recycling when the batteries come to the end of their second life as energy storage units.